Many pipeline and bank failures are caused by scour and bank erosion that undermine and expose critical infrastructure to damage. To mitigate these risks, NHC provides a wide range of services including hydrologic investigations to determine design discharges, geomorphic reach assessments, numerical modelling to estimate design velocities and water surface elevations, evaluation of impacts to regulatory floodplains, scour computations, and design of channel stabilization features that satisfy environmental requirements.

NHC specialists have designed and overseen the construction of hundreds of bank stabilization and restoration projects throughout the Pacific Northwest and western Canada. This work has safeguarded roadways and levees, as well as buildings, bridges, and other forms of critical infrastructure. Similarly, NHC has been providing hydrotechnical services to the pipeline industry and water purveyors to protect their infrastructure since the firm was founded in 1972. Our pipeline experts rely on many years of experience in designing pipeline crossings to determine the most suitable locations for proposed crossings. Our field engineers and technicians are highly trained to collect the data required for the engineering assessment and design of each crossing, whether it’s a narrow stream or a large, fast-flowing river.

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