Floodplains serve a variety of important natural functions including conveying water and sediment, storing flood waters, and providing diverse habitat. They are also, however, desirable areas for agriculture and commercial and residential development that are then prone to flood damage. Flood hazard management seeks to characterize and communicate flood risk to those who live and work in floodplains and to strike a balance between reducing flood risk and conserving natural floodplain function.

NHC investigates and analyzes floodplains ranging in size from small urban streams to the world’s largest rivers, and in geomorphic settings from alluvial fans to major river deltas. We have extensive experience with all aspects of floodplain analysis and mapping, including the determination of design flows, investigation of flood control alternatives, mapping floodplain boundaries to identify areas at flood risk, and hazard management for existing or planned projects in floodplain areas. NHC is also familiar with floodplain regulatory processes and regularly assists with the hydraulic aspects of permitting within floodplains. We have conducted many floodplain studies for government agencies and private clients in North America and internationally.

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