Victor (Vic) Galay (1938 - 2023)


Vic Galay passed away on Monday, October 2nd in North Vancouver at the age of 84. Vic joined NHC in 1975 and continued to work until the end of 2022. He came to NHC from the University of Manitoba, where he was a professor, to support NHC’s work on the Trans-Alaska Pipeline project. Shortly after, Vic initiated NHC’s international presence, reviewing a small-scale water resource pilot study in Bangladesh, where NHC is still present today.

Vic worked in over 25 countries around the world including North, Central and South America; Asia; Indonesia; the Middle East; and Africa. His worked provided many opportunities for NHC and benefited millions of people globally.

A truly kind and generous soul with an enormous intellect, Vic will be remembered as always willing to share his experiences and knowledge. He will be dearly missed.


Obituary  – Globe & Mail