As a pipeline operator, Keyera Energy seeks to manage their pipeline watercourse crossings such that every pipeline maintains sufficient vertical and horizontal cover depth. If the conditions at a particular pipeline crossing do not meet or exceed regulations, hydrotechnical analysis is required to determine vulnerability, calculate a probability of failure (POF) value, and facilitate mitigation designs and remediation construction. NHC works with Keyera to manage their pipeline watercourse crossings, including surveys, hydrotechnical engineering inspections, and risk assessments. For those crossings that require further analysis, mitigation designs, and remediation, NHC completes site-specific investigations, assessments, and designs. Through this partnership, NHC supports Keyera in their efforts to be excellent stewards of each location where their pipeline systems cross waterbodies. This partnership not only contributes to Keyera’s environmental and product management, it also ensures that the communities and properties throughout the areas where their pipeline systems are located remain safe and accessible.