Client Testimonials

Throughout our four decades in business, NHC has provided consulting and water management services to thousands of companies, organizations, associations, and governments. Our mission has been to support the goals and well-being of our clients and the global community by providing technically advanced, environmentally responsible, innovative, and specialized scientific and engineering solutions to water resource challenges. You may also view examples of past NHC projects and the successful outcomes that we helped engineer.

We understand that choosing a water resource consulting company to handle your project requires considering several factors, including cost, confidence in the firm, and the "feel" of the working relationship with you. We commit to meeting your needs by offering our expertise and problem-solving experience, delivered in a cost effective and collaborative form.

Let us show you how we can turn problems into solutions. If you have any questions regarding NHC or our approach to working with clients please contact us directly.

From citation awarded to Brad Hall of NHC's Sacramento office:

"In recognition and appreciation of your outstanding accomplishments in supporting the Department in its defense in the Jones Tract Island Flooding lawsuit. As part of the State’s defense team, you performed a superb job in analyzing the complex legal and technical problems and in presenting information to the court in ways that were understood by the court while being truthful to the facts. Countless hours beyond the call of duty were spent by you and the Team preparing for the trial and testimonies. Without your dedication and without your strong conviction to the truth, the outcome could have been otherwise and disastrous to the operation of the State Water Project."
Mark W. Cowin, Director
California Department of Water Resources
Jones Tract Flooding Lawsuit

"[NHC] integrated our ideas and opinion into the design with a professional knowledge of the fluid dynamics. [NHC] leaves very little to trial-and-error on the actual site. We would very much like to see NHC involved in future whitewater park projects and recommend them to our peers without hesitation."
Odd J. Resser, Chairman
Kongsberg Padleklubb
Nybrufossen Whitewater Park Project, Kongsberg, Norway

"Based on past performance and quality of work Northwest Hydraulic Consultants has become a preferred provider of specialized hydraulic transient modeling."
John R. Plattsmier, PE, Senior VP
Clark, Lincoln, and White Pine Counties Groundwater Development Project Hydraulic Transient Analysis