development assistance projects

What We Can Do:

Since 1975, NHC has provided services in more than 40 developing countries on projects financed by national governments with support from donors such as the Asian Development Bank, World Bank, Japan International Cooperation Agency, and Canadian International Development Agency.

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Services & Experience:

Our services and experience include project planning and implementation, institutional development and capacity building, and specialist hydrotechnical services.

  • Project Planning
    We prepare national, regional, and basin strategies and plans to manage surface water. We assist governments in identifying projects in support of their strategies and plans, and we assist them in preparing projects for development agency financing. We provide individual senior specialists or specialized teams to fulfill the objectives of each assignment.
  • Project Implementation
    Since 1978, NHC has undertaken contracts to provide governments with the full range of technical services required to plan, design, tender, and supervise construction of small, medium, and large flood control, drainage, and irrigation projects. In addition to providing assistance in establishing the infrastructure, we prepare operation and maintenance plans, provide training, and advise government agencies on methods to strengthen their service delivery. The infrastructure addressed in these projects includes dikes, canals, pipelines, hydraulic control structures, pump stations, riverbank erosion protection, and bridges.
  • Institutional Development and Capacity Building
    We provide support to institutions that include various levels of farmer organizations established to manage surface water, as well as state and national government agencies that deliver services related to surface water. This support includes designing and delivering training; analyzing organizational structures, budgets, staff functions, and recommending improvements; developing strategic plans; and advising on project management issues.
  • Specialist Hydrotechnical Services
    NHC provides a range of specialized hydrotechnical services including the hydraulic design of major bridge crossings, design and implementation of extensive riverbank protection works, as well as reservoir sedimentation studies and management plans.

Planting rice, northern Viet Nam

Flooding on Brahmaputra River floodplain, Bangladesh

"Geobag", a sand-filled sack made from geotextile fabric used for riverbank erosion protection, Bangladesh

Technical Approach & Capabilities:
NHC international development specialists are widely respected for providing services that incorporate an understanding of cultural, institutional, and technical issues, as well as a commitment to the broader development objectives of both the donor and the recipient country. NHC has close relationships with other major international consultants and has established long-term and constructive relationships with national consultants who have played a significant role in the delivery of quality services.

Benefits & Results:

NHC's work benefits clients by providing experienced support to develop projects, transfer technology, and create frameworks for project sustainability. The ultimate results are quality projects, cost-effective infrastructure, and enhanced institutional capability.