Baker No. 3 Stormwater Pumping Station Hydraulic Analysis

CLIENT: City of Dallas

As a sub-consultant to Jacobs Carter Burgess, NHC conducted hydraulic analyses of the pump station approach channel, the sump, and the discharge piping for the Baker 3 Stormwater Pumping Station in Dallas, Texas. The pump station has four concrete volute pumps rated at 390 cubic feet per second (cfs) with a total capacity of 1,560 cfs. The 84-inch pump discharge piping for each pump will rise vertically to an inverted U-tube with an air vent that will be used in place of a discharge valve so that the pump station is hydraulically disconnected from the Trinity River when not in operation. 

A Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) model of the approach channel, forebay, and pump station was developed to evaluate the location of the pump station, cross flow in front of an existing pump station, and develop approach channel geometry. 

Steady state and pressure surge analyses were conducted on the pump discharge piping using the numerical model TransAM to assess the operation of the pump station. A 1:12 scale model of the pumping station was used to evaluate the hydraulics entering the pumps and develop modifications to the structure to improve the flow. A 1:10.5 scale model of the discharge piping system was used to assess the hydraulic performance of the discharge piping, verify the size of the vent pipe, determine air demand, and assess the impact of hydraulic transients during pump startup and shutdown.