Volcano Creek Hydroelectric Project

CLIENT: Coast Mountain Hydro (Altagas Renewable Energy Inc.)

The proposed hydropower project is a 17.7 MW run-of-river plant located on Volcano Creek, a tributary of the Iskut River in British Columbia. The design foresees a design flow of 9.9 cubic meters/second led through a 2.5 km penstock to the powerhouse, located 221 m lower than the intake at EL 364 masl, on the left bank of the creek. The design includes a 3 m high rubber weir to assist with sediment management and passage of design flows.

NHC teamed with Gygax Engineering Associates Ltd., Unit Electrical Engineering (Preliminary), Struthers Tech (Detailed), and BGC Engineering to conduct preliminary and detailed engineering for the project. NHC was responsible for the hydraulic design of the intakes and coordination of the general arrangement of the intake structures with the team.  In addition, NHC’s professionals conducted transient analyses of the penstocks and established an economic mode. Furthermore, a three-dimensional CFD model was utilized to evaluate the hydrodynamic flow conditions, velocities, and water surface profile during operation of the proposed facility, to optimize the project design to mitigate sediment entrainment while providing flow for power generation, and to evaluate the sediment sluicing capabilities.  NHC also assisted in the design of the tailrace while advising the team on specific hydraulic issues such as rip rap sizes, culvert geometries, design levels, and sizes for crossings.