NHC Hires Mitch Swanson in Sacramento

Mitch Swanson has joined NHC's Sacramento office as a Senior Geomorphologist. Mitch brings 35 years of experience assisting clients with flood risk management and ecosystem restoration projects. He began his career working on the January 1982 landslides and floods that devastated California's central coast. Ever since, he has been incorporating his knowledge of geomorphic and ecological processes into land use and restoration planning and engineering for streams, rivers, wetlands, and watersheds in California and Nevada.

Major work areas have included Sierra Nevada stream and meadow restoration as well as large-scale programs in urban and rural rivers and estuaries in the Central Valley and California coast. Mitch helped pioneer the integration of ecosystem function and habitat into river bank erosion protection projects, instream and off-channel gravel mining, programmatic flood maintenance planning and design, and stream and wetland restoration projects in the Lake Tahoe Basin and elsewhere.

Mitch led his own company for 20 years, where he prepared multi-disciplinary management plans, watershed assessments, and project designs and engineering. He also conducted post-project monitoring, evaluation, and remediation. He completed many grant-funded projects, supported environmental permitting, and served as an expert witness for government and private clients.

Mitch's recent work focused on the California Department of Water Resources' Central Valley Flood Protection Plan 2017 Update, especially integrating habitat restoration into future projects. He also developed measures to modernize operations and maintenance programs to integrate environmental benefits, track results using effectiveness monitoring, and apply adaptive management.

Mitch's skills complement many of NHC's other skills in sediment modeling, hydraulic design, and flood management. He can be reached at 916.371.7400 ext.1104 and via email.