LITIGATION Support FOR Engineering AND Environmental ACTIVITIES

40 years of operation has given NHC a depth of experience that few water management consulting companies can match.

Throughout NHC's history, we have been called upon to assist in a great variety of projects. Our experience, spread across the NHC team, has provided strategic insights about complex questions involving water flow and its effects on a variety of structures and habitats.

We have successfully brought this knowledge and experience to support litigation on a variety of water resource issues, including recent efforts to defend against flooding claims and in assessing responsibility for environmental damage.

The following are a few examples of recent lawsuits where our expertise was critical to success.

Impacts of State Water Project Operations on Flooding in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.  NHC provided expert witness services to assist the California Department of Water Resources and the Attorney General in defending two lawsuits alleging damages caused by the State Water Project (SWP). Principal engineer Brad Hall presented expert witness testimony based on his expertise in multidimensional hydrodynamic and sedimentation modeling, field monitoring, and extensive project experience in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. NHC developed a comprehensive sediment budget to quantify morphological changes resulting from SWP operations and confirmed results through comparison with ongoing field measurement programs. NHC then independently assessed the local and regional sediment budgets as reflected by these hydrodynamic conditions. These analyses demonstrated that there was no merit to allegations that flooding was caused by SWP operations. NHC's testimony was cited in the decision record as important to rejecting the claims of litigants regarding SWP effects.

Lehigh Mine Impacts.  NHC was hired by an environmental advocacy organization to evaluate effects of mining operations on aquatic habitat conditions in Permanente Creek. NHC completed field assessments, reviewed hydrologic and hydraulic analysis, and quantified the time history of land use changes in the basin. Recommendations were developed for restoration activities for improving aquatic habitat for listed species in the watershed. NHC's analysis concluded that mine waste discharge had degraded and was continuing to degrade aquatic conditions in Permanente Creek. NHC's recommendations were incorporated into a consent decree ordering immediate monitoring and restoration of the affected environment.

The particular details of your litigation needs will determine how NHC can best serve you. To discuss your specifics in greater detail please contact us.