International services

Outside of Canada and the US, NHC provides a full range of hydrotechnical services for projects and clients on most other continents, including more than 40 countries. In addition, NHC provides comprehensive services for development assistance projects financed by international donor organizations like the World Bank and Asian Development Bank - primarily in South and Southeast Asia. On water resource projects, NHC provides not only hydrotechnical services, but also supporting services in:

  • project and program planning, preparation, and evaluation;
  • institutional development and capacity building;
  • environmental and social impact;
  • economic/financial analysis;
  • project implementation including management, construction quality control, and operation & maintenance arrangements.

Water resource projects include irrigation, flood control, drainage, and river erosion risk management. Other development assistance projects include hydrotechnical design of bridge crossings and in-river infrastructure on the major rivers of Asia.

The map below shows the countries in which NHC has project experience.


Mike Okun

Additional information regarding our Development Assistance Projects and Irrigation Development.